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「真夜中のドア〜stay with me」New MV公開

NIKEやApple、AudibleのCMで注目を集めるブラジル人姉妹ディレクターユニットFridman Sisters(フリッドマン・シスターズ)が手掛けた「真夜中のドア〜stay with me」MVを公開。

<Fridman Sisters コメント>
“Even on the opposite side of the world, in Brazil, Miki Matsubara’s masterpiece has made an impact. There are no boundaries to a great song. We are truly beyond excited and proud to be part of this MV for such an iconic song we’ve always loved. With all our respect to Matsubara-san, we share this tribute with everyone around the world.”

Miki Matsubara -Mayonaka no Door -stay with me (Music Video) 2023 by Fridman Sisters